Transformations: Actions to Matter / Matter to Actions (2015 – ongoing) is a series of performative actions employing what is colloquial termed as the ‘free stuff’ online community. Each action occurs in two parts. Part one, titled Actions to Matter, consists of the artist acquiring physical items for free online. In part two, Matter to Actions, the acquired items are sold online. Transformations addresses three interrelated subjects. The first is the concept of transformation itself. Actions that are performed on the internet are considered to occur within a ‘virtual’ or digital context. Items that are acquired as a result of actions are physically manifested in ‘real’ contexts. Within the work a transformation occurs from ‘virtual’ to ‘real’ and then back to ‘virtual’ again. The internet is all at once the staging ground for initiating transformation, the final destination for the items acquired and the documentation produced. Combined the transformation from ‘virtual’ to ‘real’ and then back again form a transformative action. (From