Kraft Mac n’ Cheese on eBay 1998

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese dinner
“I’m A Blue Box Kid!” from the “I want the Blues” contest 1997

This is the highly sought after Blue Box Kid box of Grand Prize Winner, Natasha, age 5, Illinois. Little Natasha is so cute with her adorable baby teeth smiling at us, a true jewel, a diamond in the rough, [as they say: “…sugar and spice and everything nice…”].

Package condition: Slight crushing on the cardboard down near the bottom lefthand corner, other than that this is mint, unopened! Macaroni and cheese packet is well preserved inside. This is the 7.25 oz size (206 g) of the cheesiest original flavor M & C dinner, expiration date March 7th, 1999. This is the real thing!

WARNING: I *will* eat this box for dinner if reserve is not met!!!$3.00 priority mail (4.00 outside of US) People with negative feedback pay by money order only. No Kraft employees may bid on this item. The value on this item is getting astronomical, BID NOW! $20 Reserve.