“Three things to know about Kickended:

 1. Kickended is an archive of Kickstarter’s $0-pledged campaigns.

Kickended is the place where campaigns with no backers live a second life. Free from the pressure of money raising, these retain the purity of abstract ideas.

2. Kickended used to grab data from

In short, Kickspy was a means to easily discover, research and track Kickstarter projects. Kickspy was originally started in October 2012 by Walter Haas and came out of his passion for backing Kickstarter projects and his frustration at not being able to find them more easily. Kickspy made the hard decision to shut down on 31st March 2015 for unspecified reasons. If you know of a similar online service, feel free to drop a line.

3. Kickended was made by Silvio Lorusso.”

(From the About page of the Kickended website)