Waste, Packaging and Residual Dream


Crisia Miroiu


Sydney, Australia

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Q & A

can you tell me why the egg is bad?
is it genetic disposition to being disagreeable or otherwise problematic?
or is it a not edible kind of bad?

The reasons I ask are
1. because of my sister, once, but no longer.
2. bad experience with expired produce.

Eggs are highly problematic. The egg lays at the heart of all world’s problem. In addition to this, if you buy the egg, I can almost guarantee you that it will not be edible by the moment it would reach you.

Artist Bio:

Crisia Miroiu has exhibited her work through solo photography exhibits and multimedia installations, and was part of 1st Worldwide Studio and Apartment Biennale, Brighton Biennale, Head On Festival and Art and About Festival. She presented performance work during the Nomadic Arts Festival ’16 Bratislava and her visual work was featured by CICA Museum, in South Korea. Miroiu has been funded by such residencies as BigCi (Bilpin International Ground for Creative Initiatives, NSW, Australia), L’Atelier de la Gare (Dinan County, Brittany, France), and the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava (Slovakia).


Joiner – Artist

Artist Statement:

We live and create in an industrial society where the economic forces of gentrification, rising rents and precarious employment are all combined to crowd individuals into spaces that seem simultaneously constricted and porous. Nature would be circumscribed itself to small parks, plant pots and veggie drawers.

Building upon urban household waste and packaging residual, the work tackles issues of growing and the philosophical idea of beginning. Symbol of creation, the egg is an old, preserved one, received in the mail. Also, the work explores the intersection between photography and representation, as it is based on the (re)photographing and (re)printing of the original image.