“Tornado Tubes” — Handcrafted Artwork by Talented Seven-Year-Old


Adam Hewins


Farmington, Maine, USA

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Q & A

Can you tell me if the tubes are color coded for speed or danger? If you do not know, could you ask Gabe?

Hi!! Sorry for the late response, Gabe was asleep so I had to wait until morning. I asked him and he says the colors represent speed. Here are the colors he told me from fastest to slowest:

Red + Gray (same speed)
Orange + Green (same speed)

I hope this helps you! Thank you for your interest in my son’s work!!

Artist Bio:

Adam Hewins was born and raised in Corinna, Maine. Hewins currently lives in Farmington, Maine with his girlfriend, son—who he thanks very much for letting him sell his art—and two cats. In May, he will graduate from the University of Maine at Farmington with a degree in Creative Writing. In the summer of 2016, he completed an internship with Alice James Books. This past fall, he finished his senior portfolio and read his short story, Crackers, at the Senior BFA Reading. His recent poem, Boy, will be featured in the upcoming edition of Ripple, a feminist zine at UMF.


Ann Bartges — Class Facilitator

Artist Statement:

I want to play with the idea of sentimental value versus monetary value. While my son’s art means a lot to me, strangers don’t have that same connection. By imposing a future monetary value—saying my son may hit it big some day—it becomes more valuable to them. It also plays off of a parent’s expectations of their children. And, I try to exemplify how much hard work he put into this, so it holds the value of labor as well. Buyers will be intrigued by “Tornado Tubes” because it plays with different kinds of values: sentimental, monetary, and labor.