The Uncomfortable Wine Glass


Katerina Kamprani


Athens, Greece

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Katerina Kamprani is an architect, designer and artist based in Athens, Greece. In 2011, after a failed attempt in industrial design studies, she created the Uncomfortable project, a collection of deliberately inconvenient everyday objects. Katerina has presented her work to several design conferences in Greece and has participated in group exhibitions throughout Europe. The Uncomfortable project has been widely published across the web and has been featured in print publications worldwide. Her work is often used by educators to help explain the term User Experience to design students. website:


Joiner – Artist

Artist Statement:

The Uncomfortable is a collection of deliberately inconvenient everyday objects. Deconstructing the invisible design language of our domestic reality, The Uncomfortable tweaks fundamental properties of simple everyday objects and challenges our expectations of functionality. Established conceptual models are broken, leading to an appreciation for the conventional through faulty design. The semiotics of the original object are maintained, but the observer is deceived when attempting to simulate its operation, subverting expectations and giving these everyday objects an awkward, absurd and often surreal quality.

I am always fascinated by the efficiency of the simple objects that surround us and their history. My favorite item to think about is a fork.