Flying Sorcerer


Sarah Ancelle Schönfeld


Berlin, Germany

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Hamburg, Schleswig Holstein, Gemany

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Business & Industrie > Medizine & Labor > Diagnostik > Audiometer & Audioskope

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Q & A

what are the risks?
Is there some physical danger in the smashing first and then what about feelings of more alienation than already in IKEA?

you should wear eye protection and some shoes to not hurt yourself physically. everything else is about getting familiar with your alienation.

Artist Bio:

Sarah Ancelle Schönfeld (*1979) graduated from UDK (Universität der Künste Berlin) in 2006. He has had solo exhibitions at Kunstverein Augsburg, Germany, Gildar Gallery Denver, Galleria Marso Mexico City, Galleria Mario Iannelli Rome and Goethe Institut St. Petersburg. Her work has also been exibited in many group exhibitions including Centre Pompidou, Paris; Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg; Kunstverein Wolfsburg; Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin; Fotomuseum Winterthur Switzerland and Muzeum Ludwig, Budapest. She recieved a DAAD travel grant in 2005, has been a resident at Villa Aurora Los Angeles in 2011, won the Kunstfonds Stipendium Germany in 2012 and the FOAM Talents Award of th Fotomuseum Amsterdam in 2014. She lives and works in Berlin.


João Laia

Artist Statement:

The work of Sarah Ancelle Schönfeld jestingly deals with the spiritual and scientific imagination. It reflects on different kinds of knowledge-, control- and truth-production, constituting and reproducing our human „self“ in the world. Her method is an appropriation and recomposing of concepts. In order to create new meanings and perspectives, common structures are sliced up, analysed and put back together in a different way, using oracular technics and alchemical experiments. Approaches from various fields find themselves included in her practice, like amerindian perspectisvism, natural science, religion, archeology, mythology, magic and technology. The work includes a wide range of mediums like photography, print, slupture, installation and performance.