Skype Portrait


Renuka Rajiv


Bangalore, India

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Lexington, Kentucky, USA

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Everything Else > Other

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Artist Bio:

Renuka has a background in digital video and printmaking. Since 2012 she has been part of several group shows in Melbourne, regional Victoria, Delhi, Kochi and Bangalore. She has also had three small solo shows. Her work is drawing centric, and she has worked across the mediums of pen, ink, collage, print, stitching, paper mache and animation. Her work swings between figuration and abstraction, and between observation and imagination.


Ghidini & Modrak

Artist Statement:

The internet is a place where entire friendships/ relationships have materialized and developed. Some of these have never required meeting in so-called REAL life. I would like to explore the possibility of a buyer and seller meeting online, instead of remaining invisible to one another as often happens. I am interested in using Skype because it is now seen as a legitimate form of contact, because of the amount of time virtual interactions now occupy in peoples’ lives. Portraiture comes in many forms but in my interest in it is dependent on participatory involvement and non-fictional performance.