Postcards from beyond, from elsewhere


Chiara Passa


Rome, Italy

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Chiara Passa, visual artist based in Rome. I received an M.F.A. from the Fine Arts Academy of Rome and a Master in new audio-visual mediums from the Faculty of Modern Literature. My artwork explore architecture as interface combining different media as: Internet-art projects, animations, interactive video-installations, digital art in public space as site-specific artworks, video-mapping and video-sculptures. I also develop art-applications (AR and VR) and widgets for mobile platforms. Since1997 my artworks were internationally exhibited from Festivals & institutions, as for example: “Dimensioning” at Furtherfield gallery, (London, UK), ISEA Vancouver Art Gallery (Canada), Vortexdome (L.A. USA), Media Art Histories Conference (Riga, Latvia), Electrofringe (New Castle, Australia), FILE | Electronic Language International Festival (Sao Paulo, Brazil), MAK – Museum of contemporary art (Vienna, Austria), CCCB – Centro de Cultura Contemporanea Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain).


Joiner – Artist

Artist Statement:

Postcards from beyond, from elsewhere is an ongoing software-artwork I have been making since 2015; it is
comprised of a series of eleven interactive widgets (1st edition of 3), ready to be installed into the dashboard
of a Mac computer. The widgets unfold in a very liminal space/place: between the network and the computer—
between the Internet and the post-Internet. So, the widgets are the conjunction between the medium and the message. Postcards from beyond, from elsewhere is the metaphor of a new imaginary and interactive media that would mediate impossible desires between machine and audience. These sorts of ‘mystic widgets’ are absorbed into an illusory threshold and generate meta-dimensions. The user can play (front/back) with the interactive widgets by typing into the text fields, and so generating crazy dynamic responses.