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Bangalore, India

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Yashaswini has recently completed her Masters in Sound Art (IED) at the Royal College of Art with the support of INLAKS. She works with video and sound. She wishes to pursue creating narratives with sound and excavate images from archives and the Internet. Her films have been screened at the Dok Leipzig, La Triennale: Palais De Tokyo, Tate Modern Art Gallery, Experimenta, Viennale, BMW Guggenheim Labs, Monitor8: SAVAC, Devi Art Gallery etc. Her recent sound project Gekiyasu’s album ‘Man in the eye’ has recently been purchased by Yajasuki Records and been played on Radio Scot, Stamp the Wax, GallerySKE and at the Peckham Bin Bags.


Joiner – Artist

Artist Statement:

An image is a living entity that has the power to narrate, make us behave, seduce and allow us to go astray. How
do we begin thinking of the lexicon of an image? The Pixel of a Selfie is an attempt towards thinking about the state of an image, not just from the outside but from the inside.

India ranked the highest in selfie deaths in 2016. In that brief moment of a click and the fall, does our soul get transported and get encapsulated as a pixel within that picture? If it did, would we be able to excavate that pixel and make visible the unseen clairvoyance of one’s being? The images in the auction are an example of a print on photographic paper by using the magnifying
lens (tool) that zooms inwards to the final dot of a pixel, exposing the psychical state of the Selfie.