One Unit of a Slap (Slap in the Face, Medium to Strong, Colorful)


Lanfranco Aceti


Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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Health & Beauty > Skin Care > Exfoliators & Scrubs

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Lanfranco Aceti is specialized in contemporary art, visual culture, inter-semiotic translations between classic media and new media, contemporary digital hybridization processes, Avant-garde film and new media studies and their practice-based applications in the field of fine arts.


Lanfranco Aceti works as an academic, artist and curator and is the founder of The Studium: Lanfranco Aceti Inc. He is the founder and Director of OCR (Operational and Curatorial Research in Contemporary Art, Design, Science and Technology) and founder and Director of MoCC (Museum of Contemporary Cuts). He has also founded the Media Exhibition Platform (MEP) that has operated from 2010 presenting a range of international exhibitions both online and in physical spaces with an international curatoriate (Lanfranco Aceti, Vince Dziekan, Christiane Paul).


Joiner – Artist

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Since 2003 I have been working on a series of art projects that are internet-based and deal with issues of labor, exploitation, and capitalistic frameworks for commodification and self-commodification. My interest is focused on the hierarchical relationship between the haves and the have-nots in order to explore power dynamics by altering and challenging established perceptions. My most recent work, The Slap, is an online re-staging of a performance first presented as part of the Soma installation at Supermarket 2015 in Stockholm. The artwork dithers between abuse, exploitation, and absurdity, creating aesthetic experiences in which the viewer, the participant, and the artist are simultaneously victims and perpetrators.