Nail varnish with fibers and micro-organism’s from my neighbour’s clothes


Laura Yuile


London, UK

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Health & Beauty > Nail Care, Manicure & Pedicure > Nail Polish

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Laura Yuile is an artist based in London, UK. Previous exhibitions include Ludicrously Beautiful and Ideally Placed, Generator, Dundee; Zed Mot, Generation & Display, London; The Capital, Vulpes Vulpes, London, England (2015); and (2015); Conversation of Monuments, Collective, Edinburgh. In 2015 she was an Associate Artist at Open School East and in 2016 she undertook a residency with SPACE / The White Building.


Nora O Murchú

Artist Statement:

Laura Yuile’s work spans sculpture, video and performance and operates around a network of connections and transitions between different types of spaces: domestic, public, corporate, psychological and global. Dealing with issues of class and the overcomplication of basic human needs, collisions occur between the natural and the synthetic; notions of interiority and exteriority; the permanent and the perishable; the wholesome and the polluted. The body and the domestic sphere is explored as a primary, sensual site from which the effects of global capitalism and invisible infrastructures are felt. The resulting installations often combine readymade objects and found images with perishable ingredients such as coffee beans, flour or soap; employ home-spun techniques of production and draw upon the global language of advertising.