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Natalie Boterman


Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Sag Harbor, NY, USA

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If you had to assign a rank order to these, which would mean the most to you?

Hello, Thank you for your question. It is difficult for me to rank these projects in order of significance as they all address various areas of query within my practice. I am equally passionate about all of them and see them as being inter linked, various parts of a whole. Perhaps it would be easier for me to rank them in terms of done-ness / the project that needs the most support to the one that needs the least. The ranking from needing the most support to the least would be s follows: LA FEMME DANS LA LUNE PERSISTENCE OF SOUND RESIDENCY 108 ONCE, ONLY ONCE AADK FLOWER ARRANGEMENTS PERSISTENCE OF VISION SELECTED GESTURES ARTICULATION I hope this aids in answering your question. Please feel free to contact me with any further questions you may have.

No that does not help.
You cant be equally passionate because passion is not so rational to divide itself equitably.
So let me ask this way:
If someone woke you up in the middle of the night, before you had a chance to rationalize things and said, nataliewillow, you can pick one of these, and only one…
which is it?

I could not disagree more. I believe that it is entirely possible to be equally passionate about many things in life. I approach my art making like a good parent who finds it impossible to choose between their children. My art projects, like my character, are multi faceted, dynamic, and impossible to weigh against eachother because they each explore different aspects of me. My work is a mirror of the varied parts of myself I love for different reasons. You are asking me to choose between apples and oranges, when I love both for completely different, but equal reasons. The list I have provided you in the previous email rates these projects in order of need, so to answer your question I will refer to this list. The project in need of most support is LA FEMME DANS LA LUNE.

I see your point. I have children. I love them equally, but to be honest, one or the other, at times, drives me a little nuts. I do not love them less. This is true.
Really, since you are asking to love all your projects equally, one way to do this might be to support all of you/them with a lump sum and then you divide it equally.

That would be the ultimate pinnacle of this project, to have enough money to spread it across all these projects to see them all come to fruition in their fullest potential. I appreciate immensely that you have arrived to this conclusion, as this is the point I am trying to drive home. There are still many questions surrounding how an artist like myself might find ways to make that happen outside of the formal/traditional formats that currently exist. This is an ongoing experiment and I hope you see the value in your contribution to this ongoing conversation.

dear nataliewillow–i am the winning bidder. i support your work unconditionally. ebay is telling me that you the seller have not provided a shipping cost to the us and that I must contact you or change my address. could you update the shipping options so I can complete the bid?

As mentioned in the listing, is there any specific project you would like your $1 to go to? And would you like to choose the colour of paper the description is typed out on? It will be placed in a white frame with a white matte. Thanks again for your financial support. Natalie

i like the color of the paper in the image. can you just keep the shipping money and send the paper in an envelope? I would like as much money to go to your work as possible.
please accept my appreciation for your conversation .

Artist Bio:

Natalie Willow Boterman is a full time dreamer working mainly in expanded cinema, experimental film, and media archaeology. Vancouver born and now a citizen of the world, Boterman is currently based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Her educational background includes an Interdisciplinary BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax, Nova Scotia, and an MFA from École Cantonale d’art du Valais, Sierre, Switzerland. Boterman has exhibited and screened her work across Canada and Europe and has to date been awarded several well established international residencies. In the spring of 2014, Boterman co-founded GOOD WORK, an international project centered on self organization and the dissemination of art.


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