Life Is A Delicate negotiation, 2017


Carlo Zanni


Milan, Italy

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Since the early 2000’s Carlo Zanni’s practice has explored the use of Internet data to create time-based works that combine a pronounced social consciousness with the mediated experience of advanced technologies. Zanni (born in La Spezia Italy, 1975) has been recipient of a commission and he has shown in galleries and museums worldwide including: Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona; The Hammer Museum, Los Angeles; New Museum, New York; Tent, Rotterdam; MAXXI, Rome; P.S.1, New York; PERFORMA 09, NY; ICA, London. Zanni also initiated the ViBo video book project to experiment new distribution models for video and net operas.


Domenico Quaranta

Artist Statement:

[…] I’ve been invited to a show for which, to my knowledge, no artist fee or budget for the production of the artwork has been allocated. The fellows are just as great as the involved critics and curators. Internationally renowned people, pioneers of the field. Still there’s no budget. How am I supposed to accept that? This is something you might have experienced too, right? Not only in the arts. Sometimes you want to be in a place and stay away from it in the same moment. It’s pretty universal. […]

Life Is A Delicate Negotiation, is a short text about what it means to research in the art field and how this general lack of budget affects both the artists than, in the long run, the whole culture of a certain period. The monologue, played by the artist in an accompanying video, is crafted around several linguistic techniques currently used by FBI hostage negotiators.