Kindheitserinnerung / Childhoodmemory #4


Anke Schüttler


Aachen, Germany

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Collectibles > Memorabilia > Other

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Artist Bio:

Anke Schüttler is a multidisciplinary artist specializing in photography and social practice art. With a sensibility for the poetic and humorous, her work strives to foster social interactions by asking questions and challenging existing situations. Educated in conceptual art and photography in France and the Netherlands, she is currently a student in the MFA program Art&Social Practice, led by Harrell Fletcher at Portland State University in Oregon, USA.


Harrell Fletcher

Artist Statement:

There are things that are difficult to buy, sell or pay for. Even today when almost everything seems to be turned into a commodity. No matter how hard I try, I can never sell you the full experience of my childhood memories. But maybe you can get a taste of it.