iherd: information on sale on the murder of Eman El Salehi


Aysha Al Moayyed (aka Asia Fuse)


London, UK

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Aysha’s work comments on the underground in contemporary Middle Eastern society and explores the Middle East’s fascination with modernity and conspicuous consumerism. Her work predominantly consists of painting, drawing, and sculpture.  She is part of the Visa Collective which is compelled by women’s rights and the movement of people across societal and national borders. She has shown in London, Hangzhou and Bahrain and has received her formal training from Goldsmiths University. She is the youngest recipient of the Al Dana Prize and currently lives between London and Manama.


Latifa Al Khalifa

Artist Statement:

The work is a website consisting of random peoples’ recount of an incident that occurred in Bahrain last December. None of these people were eyewitnesses or credible sources. It is a collection of what was being discussed after Eman El Salahi’s death. If you purchase the work, you will gain access to a website, containing a collection of stories that have been circulating since her murder.

The work is a commentary on the gossip mill that consumes small societies and can be viewed here.