HE.ART – 3D Heart Mini Sculptures + Limited edition Stickers Pack for Messenger


Kamilia Kard


Milan, Italy

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Hamburg, Germany

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Kamilia Kard (http://kamiliakard.org) works on the digital, static or animated image, transforming it into GIFs, websites, prints, videos and installations. Her interest in classical and “traditional” images, taken from the immense archive offered by the Internet, is almost always inspired by personal stories, memories and fantasies. Free Falling Bosch uses Hieronymus Bosch’s iconography to offer a dynamic representation of a contemporary issue: the sense of dizziness produced by a non-stop world, a sea of information resulting from infinite scrolling, and an instability established as a political, economic and social system. In other works, nineteenth-century Russian and Hungarian history paintings and princely fantasies are contaminated with more contemporary images linked to Fantasy, soft porn and the vernacular languages of the web, sprinkled with glitter effects and references to pop culture, and interwoven with more personal components, usually mediated by drawing.


Domenico Quaranta

Artist Statement:

NHO – Near Heart Objects – are those objects that orbit around our love life, becoming burning organs of a relationship. Our attachment to them, and the fear that – falling – they would hit us – shape an emotional balance that sometimes forgets the human nature of the relationship. The project name NHO is inspired by the Near Earth Objects, or NEO: celestial bodies like meteors or comets, that orbit around the Earth or fall onto the Earth. The joke changes “Earth” to “Heart”. The heart in its metaphorical sense becomes the gravitational center around which we build our personal solar system. NHO investigates how affects influence the perception of objects that inhabit our lives.