Curatorial Consultancy with Cassini on #exstrange


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London, UK

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Milan, Italy

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Specialty Services > eBay Auction Services > Appraisal & Authentication

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Gaia Tedone is a PhD Candidate at the Centre for the Study of the Networked Image, London South Bank University and an independent curator with an expansive interest in photography and in the technologies and apparatuses of image formation. At the core of her research lies the question of how to produce new insights into the role and function of networked images and how to develop curatorial projects that also reflect back on the agency of the curator within contemporary image culture.


Gaia Tedone

Artist Statement:

This curatorial consultancy service develops from my previous intervention within the context of project #exstrange entitled #veryhardtofind. In that occasion, I began to explore the different meanings of the terms ‘curating’ and ‘curation’ on the eBay platform and grew fond of its search algorithm, named after the 17th Century Italian Astronomer, Mathematician and Engineer Giovanni Domenico Cassini. Here I propose a model of curatorial consultancy, which is based upon the collaboration between a human and an algorithm (myself and Cassini), and aims to further explore the curatorial possibilities embedded within the technological infrastructure of eBay.