Concession carts LEXX / The Fiscal Manifestation of a Tweety Poem


Fernanda Palomino, LEXX, Marek Wolfryd


Cholula, Puebla, Mexico

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Business & Industry > Restaurant & Catering > Concession Trailers & Carts > Carts, Stands & Kiosks

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Ok I love these carts. Down by me where I work but not in Mexico there are guys that sell chicharoones and elotes. Is this bike like that one? Do I get to keep it or do I get to rent it for a year for the idea? Does it get to be my idea or do I have to sell corn, if so, let’s come up with a different price…

Hi. We are delighted to hear about your interest in our cart! In fact this could be the same carts people near your work sell chicharrones and elotes, although we cannot guarantee it as you do not offer any pictures of such carts. Do they look like the one in these photographs? (Adjuntar fotos del carrito que le queremos vender) We hope they do! This object (cart) is an exhibition space but you as owner can use it for whatever you want and get to keep it for ever! The artwork that comes with this cart is the fiscal manifestation of a Tweety poem, a Mexican corn kernel made of (the manner of) 24K gold. We advise you to use it as an object to designate a winner in a game of chance. However you as the owner can use it for whatever you want. I hope this answers all your questions and I’m happy to give you any further information you request.

I will send you some photos—yes they look like this, but more decorated and painted. I have an idea and a thought…a proposition maybe. Where is the cart right now? I would like to propose that it stay where it is for a year if I win it and we run it as an exhibition space together, with the kernel of corn as an activating force in some way. Does that sound possible?

Sounds GREAT.. Please send your propose to ….

Artist Bio:

Fernanda Palomino (Mexico, 1994) is an artist and manager of artistic projects. She studied art at the University of the Americas Puebla, and has a great interest in curatorial practice and the organization of creative exhibitions. Since 2016 Fernanda has been running LEXX Espacio expositor, wich organises site-specific interventions in unconventional spaces. Currently, she works in LÁ gallery in Puebla and realising a series of publications related to contemporary art. As a visual artist Fernanda’s work has been shown in group and solo exhibitions.

Marek Wolfryd (Mexico City, 1989) studied at the National School of Painting, Sculpture and Printmaking “La Esmeralda”. His work has been shown in exhibitions in Mexico, Germany, Italy and Spain, in venues such as the Museum of Modern Art Mexico, Palazzo Costanzi, Museum Carrillo Gil, National Numismatic Museum, Sonora Museum of Art and Biquini Wax. He has been awarded twice the Grant for Academic Progress by the National Institute of Fine Arts and the Project Support 2016 by the Patronage of Contemporary Art. Amongst many projects, he co-operates LADRÓNgalería, a platform committed to the promotion and distribution of contemporary culture.


Tamara Ibarra

Artist Statement:

This piece is meant to represent—according to Mexican mannerism—the fiscal manifestation of a Tweety poem. The first piece of this series was titled Never make decisions when you’re angry, never make promises when you’re happy, which is the quintessential global Tweety poem. It was used to designate a victory in a game of chance amongst the esquites vendors in the city of Cholula, Mexico. The price was a dinner for two—paid by the exhibition’s curator— in any of the city’s restaurants.

For his second intervention LEXX invited the artists to propose an intervention for these street selling corn carts. This artistic intervention to the corn cart is important because street vending is characteristic of san Pedro Cholula Puebla. In this way the artists’ work and ideas circulate across the town at the same time as the corns sell their products.