Childhood Memories


Stephanie LaFreniere


Farmington, Maine, USA

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many questions, but maybe starting with this one:

when you used the Gameboy to escape, where did you find yourself escaping to? Photos or description most appreciated.

If you mean physically, I was escaping to my bedroom most likely. But mentally, emotionally, I was in world where anything could happen, where I could be whatever I wanted to be.

Were there turtle waffles there? Physically? Or mentally?

Haha, there may have been waffles but no turtles. I always wanted a turtle, though.

Artist Bio:

Stephanie is a graduating senior at the University of Maine at Farmington, studying Creative Writing and English. She is participating in the exstrange project as a part of her digital photography class. When she isn’t doing homework she’s drawing comics or playing minecraft with her son.


Ann Bartges — Class Facilitator

Artist Statement:

Childhood is something that haunts people and entices them. For this auction I collected a few items that more
or less “represent” different parts of my childhood: escape from life (Gameboy) and familial love (diary and cards). By selling my childhood, I will essentially move on from it. It will become the buyer’s burden, or inspiration, or responsibility and I will no longer have ownership of any event that transpired before the age of 11. My hope is that memory will evoke nostalgia to appeal to buyers, though I suppose it could have the opposite effect and repel buyers because the memories don’t belong to them.