Bankrupt. Bulk Buy. Liquidation. Repossession.


Lloyd Corporation


London, UK

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Bordon, Hampshire, UK

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Wholesale & Job Lots > Other Wholesale & Job Lots

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Q & A

I am interested but do you say not shipping to the US?

We can ship to US.

Hi. Paid for this item 4 days ago and still not been dispatched. When will this be dispatched?

Can you please tell me when this is likely to be dispatched please?

Hi. My item still hasn’t been dispatched. NOT HAPPY. And as you are failing to reply to my messages I will open a case on the 31st.

Much appreciated for your message, as long as you definitely send it today that is fine.

Hi. Extremely disappointed waited so long for this. Discription said 10 new items. There are old newspapers the bottom of a shoe that’s been cut to pieces. I expect a full refund or I will be opening a case with ebay.

Hi. Sorry you’re disappointed. Shoe and hand part of an authentic costume. Newspapers were new not second hand – from a collection of iconic moments so higher margin for resale. More than 10 items included, thought this was a bonus.

Will process full refund and please return items to:

Lloyd corporation
Mxxxx Hxxxx
26 Hxxxxx Vxxxxx
Exxx Xxx

Hi. Still haven’t received refund. When will this be refunded?

Case #5127169502 is now closed

Hello Lloyd,

We refunded Kxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-0 £5.50 for case #5127169502 for Bankrupt. Bulk Buy. Liquidation. Repossession #exstrange. This case is now closed and your automatic payment method will be charged £5.50 in 10 days.

You can see the case details in the Resolution Center.

Artist Bio:

Lloyd Corporation is a collaborative project between artists Ali Eisa (UK) and Sebastian Lloyd Rees (NOR) exhibiting nationally and internationally in sculpture, installation, performance and text. Works explore the effects and contradictions of globalisation on the urban landscape, reflecting on processes, materialities and socialities of urban informality, (re)development, margins and borders. Selected exhibitions include Frieze Live, London (2016), Pump House Gallery, London (2016), Independent, Brussels (2016), Upstream Gallery, Amsterdam (2015), Hayward Gallery, London (2014) and Carlos Ishikawa, London (2013, 2011). Book publishing includes The World for Less (2016) and Competing Temporalities (2013).


Ghidini & Modrak

Artist Statement:

Bankrupt. Bulk Buy. Liquidation. Repossession is an Ebay advert listed under the category > Other Wholesale and Job Lots. As an intervention it takes an existing Job Lot advert, utilises the text and structure but substitutes a new set of product photographs for the image gallery. Responding to the following convention of job lot adverts, where “photos of items provided are only for demonstration of the range and you may not get any items in the photos”, the artwork-advert tries to generate reflections on globalised manufacture, informality and exchange. The new images insert a different range of aesthetics from the illicit, vernacular, artisanal, kitsch, corporate and high cultural, as well as playing with the different compositions of product photographs informed by this category (from the mimicking of professional studio shots to glimpses of anonymous domestic and commercial interiors). By appropriating an existing advert we aim to make a latent intervention that the buyer will accept as a real offer, leading to further possible iterations of the work in delivering a package of ‘sculptural’ job lot products.