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Alessio Chierico


Linz, Austria

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Calgary, Canada

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Art > Art from Dealers & Resellers > Other Art from Resellers

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Q & A

Hi Natalie,
congratulation!! You are the winner of my auction.

I suppose that the object that you would like that I buy is “…making it…”, right?

I see that your shipment costs are about US $61.52. In order to fulfil the regulations of my auction you should place some option like free shipment or the possibility to pick up the object for free.
Moreover, your work is not an auction, and I can’t offer you the amount you are suppose to get (10,25 US$) but just the price you defined: C $1.00 ( US $0.74)

In other words, please set the item you want to sell to me, in a way I can buy it from you for a total amount of 10,25 US$, so then we can conclude our deal.

For any problem let me know

Hello Alessio,

I have edited the auction as per your request. You should be able to proceed now.


Hello Natalie,

sorry, there are still few things…

1) your item now costs C $10.25… it should be (approx.) 10.25 in US$
2) I still see the shipment costs at C $82.82 (approx. US $61.52). I just sent you an invoice in which I made free shipment, I think you can do the same in your item.
3) Can you please proceed to pay my auction before?

Auction has been updated to 13.70 CAD (10.25USD). Please proceed to purchasing auction so we can finalize our deal.


Hi Natalie,

great… thanks so much… but there is still a problem with the shipment costs.
Over the item price, eBay force me to pay: C $82.82 (approx. US $61.95) for the shipment.

I think there are 2 possibilities:

– you change the shipment as “free shipment”
– you turn your list in an auction and then you send me an invoice without shipment (as I did)

Let me know

How about now?

do you mean for avoiding somebody else buy the thing without shipment?

You can also just buy it and ask for an invoice and I can put in zero for shipping.

Sorry, I misunderstood… but now it’s fine, I just bought your item.

Artist Bio:

Alessio Chierico is an artist and researcher with theoretical background in contemporary art, design theory and media studies, currently PhD candidate at Interface Culture department of Kunstuniversität Linz (AT). In the last ten years of activity he had more than sixty exhibitions, including: NTAA/Update (Ghent, BE) Flux Factory (New York, US), MAXXI (Rome, IT), Roma Media Art Festival, ArteLaguna prize (Venice, IT), Ars Electronica festival (Linz, AT), MNAC (Lisbon, PT).


Joiner – Artist

Artist Statement:

‘ART SPECULATOR’ value your own work, buy your own artwork is an ironic project that draws attention toward the speculative system behind the art market, proposing itself as an actual tool for artist promotion. Like a Matryoshka doll, this project is conceived as a platform (ART SPECULATOR) inside a platform (#exstrange) inside a platform (eBay), and, instead then, is purely content; it proposes a dialogic relation with the main concept of #exstrange and its intent to question art commodification.