Archive Fever Vol.37: My browser history [Feb 2017]


Elisa Giardina Papa


Los Angeles, USA

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Hamburg, Germany

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Artist Bio:

Elisa Giardina Papa is an Italian artist whose work investigates gender, sexuality, and labor in relation to media and technology. Her work has been exhibited and screened at the MoMA (New York), XVI Quadriennale di Roma, [Download Commission], Haus für elektronische Künste (Basel), 319 Scholes (New York), among others. She taught at Brown University, and at the Rhode Island School of Design, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Media and Film Studies at University of California Berkeley. Giardina Papa received an MFA from RISD, and a BA from Politecnico di Milan.


Domenico Quaranta

Artist Statement:

Archive Fever (2011-) is an ongoing project that investigates data economy and data intimacy. Internet browsers automatically create a log of each website a user has visited in the previous two months. Since September 2011, I have downloaded and stored these data. Each time Archive Fever is exhibited, I retrieve the most recent volume and play it back. Link after link, the digital traces I have unintentionally left behind while browsing the Internet reveal a loose, unedited narrative of my work, play, and personal online interactions.