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Xi Jie Ng



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Cold Spring, New York, USA

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Health & Beauty > Other Health & Beauty

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Q & A

Are you the grandmother? I mean no disrespect nor do I want you to reveal an age if you are not comfortable with the question.

Hi! I’m not the grandmother but the granddaughter.

Artist Bio:

Salty (Xi Jie Ng) from Singapore creates intimate encounters for a noisy world. Her works dance across disciplines and have been made and presented in Singapore, USA, Finland and India. Last year she created a publication on senior female culture ( She is currently in the MFA in art & social practice at Portland State University on the National Arts Council (Singapore) postgraduate scholarship. Visit


Harrell Fletcher

Artist Statement:

Taking the sacred and banal everyday as material, I am interested in the geriatric as a realm for new spaces of imagination. More specifically, I have a deep belief in the rich worlds that elderly females hold within them: fascinating, complex dimensions that go hidden today and which are at once warm, humorous, rigid, open, wise, eccentric and absurd. These worlds are inspiring material for relational art-making in thinking about form, aesthetics and audience.