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Ajit Bhadoriya - Chinar Shah - Surabhi Vaya


Bangalore, India

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Bangalore, India

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Home & Living > Home Decor > Other Home Decor

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Ajit Bhadoriya is a Delhi based photographer. He is recipient of Media Fellowship by National Foundation for India, 2009-2010 and Tierney Fellowship by the Tierney Foundation, New York, 2011-2012. He has been selected for many international workshops and presented his work at festivals like Angkor Photo Festival, Chobi Mela and Photoville.

Chinar Shah is a photographer based in Bangalore, India. She runs a home gallery called ‘Home Sweet Home’. She currently teaches at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore, where she is a coordinator for photography discipline. She is Co-Editor of Photography in India: from Archives to Contemporary Practice (Bloomsbury, forthcoming).

Surabhi Vaya is a freelance writer based in Ahmedabad. She is a graduate of Christ College and Columbia School of Journalism. She is attempting to run a Literary Collective in Ahmedabad. Her writing has appeared in The Caravan, The Wire, Firstpost and Hindustan Times.


Joiner – Artist

Artist Statement:

The flag is a satirical take on populist ideas of nationalism that have become a widespread phenomenon in the recent years. The “apology flag” has been printed on a piece of Khadi cloth, often considered the symbol of non-violent resistance championed by Mahatma Gandhi during India’s freedom struggle. The flag contains the original apology letter that Amazon had to write recently after the Indian government realised that a seller had been selling foot rugs with a print of the Indian flag on it. Through this work we aim to ask critical questions around the singular focus on national identity in the recent years and the absurdness of actions it prompts from people and institutions around us.