Access To Tools in Outer Space


Maximilian Goldfarb


Hudson, New York, USA

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Business & Industrial > Light Equipment & Tools > Hand Tools > Wrenches

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Q & A

Is this a fixed size wrench or does it come with the attachments like a full socket set? Is it metric or English?

The item does not include a full socket set (though the body of the wrench is designed for variable sockets). The auction item does include a pack of Marlboro cigarettes as well as a vacuum-packed, 200-page Handbook comprised of visual materials and reproductions of notational drawings.

a question about the image…is the cigarette box to indicate scale? Or is it a reference to the frontier, Marlboro Man and space as frontier?

(and is there smoking in space?)

Yes, but yes.

Artist Bio:

Goldfarb is an artist and author of two recent books investigating the structures and infrastructures of Humans and their environments: ‘Handbook for Human Machines’ is an image book and operating manual examining mutable human/machine architectures. Goldfarb’s more recent, ‘Remote Viewing: 500 Tableaux’ extends the work of ‘Handbook’ in the form of an indexical document of visual materials presented as observational text. Goldfarb completed his degree in Visual Studies at MIT and is a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Buffalo. ‘Remote Viewing’ will be presented within the exhibition, ‘Viva Arte Viva’ at the Central Pavilion of the 57th Biennale di Venezia, in a viewing station created by the artist, Nancy Shaver.


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