‘भारत हरवला आहे’ (India is lost!)


Yogesh Barve


Mumbai, India

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Art > Direct from the Artist > Mixed Media & Collage

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Yogesh Barve is a conceptual artist born in Bombay, India, whose artistic practice ranges from painting and printing to sculpture, film, multimedia installations and site-specific works. While stylistically varied, a common thread throughout his work is a critique of our cultural framework of thinking. Utilizing a range of materials Yogesh’s work deals with social phenomena such as in/equality, ir/rationality the un/seen or the in/outsider. Since 2012 he is a member of the artist collective Shunya, which formed in Clark House, and has been part of group exhibitions and art fairs around the country
and abroad.


Ghidini & Modrak

Artist Statement:

Each day almost 90 Lakh people travel by local railway trains. The life is so busy in the city like Mumbai that, only few people look and observe the posters of missing people. That’s why I chose to document these posters and manipulate the images in such a way that their identity won’t be seen or revealed. By doing so, I thought of display these images in a art space where viewers will see images / visuals with details.