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#exstrange is open to engagement.

We invite you to join the exhibition by creating a listing.


#exstrange artworks use the eBay auction as the medium itself. Title, images, text, and price are the materials with which artists/designers make the work. In that sense, an #exstrange work does not exist before being an auction. Rather than placing a pre-existing artwork on eBay to sell, we advocate using the tools and materials of eBay to create the work. As such, #exstrange listings are only complete within the context of eBay.

At its core, #exstrange seeks responses to the driving question: “What are the relationships that can take place in the realm of digital commerce beyond the seller-to- buyer transaction, the fundraiser-to-backer association, or the peer-to-peer swap?”

Initiated through invitation, #exstrange now expands in multiple ways engineered to extend the exhibition beyond curatorial control. Any artist, designer or eBay account holder may post an auction using the tag #exstrange and following the set of instructions posted here. By setting up a system that is self-generative, we hope to give life to an alternative exhibition model that will supersede top-down cultural modes proposed by the museum.