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Archana Hande


Mumbai, India

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Archana Hande is a Bangalore born, Bombay based artist, curator, and organizer whose work has been celebrated across India and also internationally at important exhibitions at the Kunstmuseum Bern, Helsinki Art Museum, the 3rd Guangzhou Triennial, and the 2005 Yokohama Triennial. Originally trained as a printmaker at Santiniketan and MSU Baroda, India, Hande now works in a variety of mediums including installation, drawing, and video.


Ghidini & Modrak

Artist Statement:

These objects and photographs of the object is coming from the museum – collecting and Archiving these valuable objects have taken ages. They are very fragile. These objects also contributes to her story – how modern she was and also had a made a contribution which made her so popular. These objects and photograph shows us – she was very conscious about her looks. Many say she was quite feudal and also intelligent to not show her real personality. The personality she wore had a fragment of a Royal.

To set up this museum has taken 4 years. but the research has been going on from past 10 years. Archana Devi trust has initiated this project. The aim of the museum is to restore her properties and also recreate things which are now lost. exhibit her futuristic vision, which we can see in the town planning, found in her room. The museum offers details about the history of the Archana Devi. Here we see how secular her family was, and how modern thinking she developed and used it in the benefit of the society. Her contribution towards the development of deferent societies and development of properties has been quite remarkable. Her personal life was very secretive, she never allowed anybody to interfere nor know about her personal life, which was kept very private.